40 Forms of Intimacy® Retreat/Workshop

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Intimacy is more than sex. But what else creates intimacy in a relationship?

Join other individuals and couples to learn practical pathways to build a strong couple connection. In this one-day workshop, Alex A. Avila, the author of 40 Forms of Intimacy®, will lead discussions and facilitate private exercises to help individuals and couples create and sustain a lasting intimacy in the specific ways that ignite their hearts.

Theories and good ideas cannot help you feel more connected, but application of exact steps toward your partner’s heart can! In this one-day workshop, each person will design their own Relationship Roadmap™ so they may leave with practical steps to apply right away. Individuals attending will also learn a lot about themselves and their pathways to feeling connected.

Where does this material come from? Our teaching segments and couple exercises are centered on the main ingredients required to sustain a life-long intimate connection: as shown by research, as introduced in the “40 Forms of Intimacy” book, and as founded by God through the Christian faith.

Pick up a copy of the “40 Forms of Intimacy: Integrating Daily Connection Into Your Couple Relationship” book today at Amazon.com! Some advanced reading will be recommended.

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Learn about practical ways to connect specifically to your partner at the 40 Forms of Intimacy® Workshop offered regularly in Denver, Colorado.

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Individuals welcome! If you are not presently in a relationship, your partner will not or cannot come, and you would like to learn the recipe for healthy relationships and better understand your own pathways to connection, please join us! This is the education we should have all received in high school! Like couples, you will attend the speaking segments and participate in exercises. We have worksheets designed especially for individuals.


We also offer the 40 Forms of Intimacy® Couples Retreat in Mexico and Hawaii!

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