Addiction & Relationships

Has an addiction affected your relationship? Your family? Or, is your family member struggling and stuck in the devastating cycle of addiction?

Any time we engage in our addictive cycle, our relationship can suffer. Trust can be broken, again, and a strong connection and emotional safety is usually harmed.

We feel hurt because our partner has chosen this “thing” over us once again. The negative beliefs that “I am unimportant” or “I am not good enough” can emerge. At least, that is often what resides beneath the surface anger and sadness.

When couples come into therapy, our therapists ask about anything and everything that each partner perceives as getting in the way of their desired connection. We all seem to want to improve our most important relationships. And we must identify every intimacy barrier.

Addictive cycles can complicate trust, one of the most foundational building blocks and pillars of a strong connected relationship. Often a lack of attention, not feeling like a priority, and feelings of relationship hopelessness are present. Other addiction-related emotional, physical, and financial consequences contribute to our feeling stuck and defeated.

In this 90-minute Addiction and Relationships class, individuals and couples who are stuck in an addiction or individuals, couples and families who are affected by it’s damaging effects will learn about:

  • Addictive cycles and behaviors and their impact on others
  • Personalized plans to show support
  • Building healthy boundaries to provide the best outcome for everyone
  • Steps to restore trust, or to start all over carefully
  • Individual addiction treatment options (including EMDR)
  • Couple and family counseling options
  • Experiencing hope in overwhelming circumstances!

Who should attend?

This class is appropriate for individuals, couples and families who are seeking to understand and get healthy despite the destructive path that addiction can leave behind. Participants will learn about the far and deep reaching negative impact of addiction and engage in steps toward personal health and well-being. (Family members as young as 12 years old may attend with a parent, grandparent or guardian.)

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Email us if you are interested in this class. Often we can schedule a class within a month or two if we have a few interested participants.

What Else Can I Do?

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