Healing from Her Affair – A Group for Men

Healing from Her Affair – A Group for Men

If you pick up a book on how to move past the affair, you inevitably discover it’s how to move past the male partner’s affair. So where do men go when it was their wife who cheated?

Whether the discovery of her infidelity is a few days or a few years old, joining a few other men who are on the same road, and hearing from a trained, compassionate professional about what helps and what to avoid during this healing process will be helpful.

In this group men, will learn the specifics of female infidelity. Understanding what it was, and what it was not will help men accept only the responsibility that is theirs. They will learn what she can do to help speed up healing, learn how to safely disengage, and learn how to safely reconnect. They will hear from other men what works, and hear from an expert about how to speed up the trust rebuilding process by five years!


Alex is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado and has earned a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with honors. For several years, he has helped individuals and couples resolve conflict, work through trauma and experience balanced, satisfying lives. Alex is trained to treat the issues that come with being the partner of someone who has cheated, had a one-time affair or has a sex addiction. He also specializes in trauma resolution and is an EMDR trained therapist.

Individual appointment required prior to joining class. Limited to 7 men.

Call 720-316-7771 or email Alex today to schedule an individual appointment and secure your spot in this group.

See Class Registration page for dates, details and to secure your spot.


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