Am I Addicted?

Have you ever wondered if you have an addiction?

Some people describe themselves as having “an addictive personality” and tendencies toward becoming addicted to one thing after another. Even if their activities are positive and culturally appropriate, a new or old obsession can harm their life balance and self-care and negatively impact their most important relationships.

Could you use a little help with getting your life back on track and in balance and work toward a more satisfying and fulfilling life?

In this 90-minute class, you will learn how to

  • Identify tendencies that leave you feeling stuck and unhappy
  • Evaluate your addictive behaviors
  • Develop a new list of realistic alternative choices
  • Push through old habits and barriers to change
  • Build social support and self-care to keep you on track
  • Learn about evidence-based treatment options
  • Consider next steps for personalized counseling!

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Email us if you are interested in this class. Often we can schedule a class within a month or two if we have a few interested participants.