You may wonder, “Do I need counseling?”

Stress, depression, anxiety, relationship distress, grief, trauma, addictions, anger, impulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, spirituality, and life transitions can all become issues that affect our daily lives.

As master’s-level counselors and therapists trained in specialties we are very passionate about, we can help you with any of the above issues.

Talking to a counseling professional is vital when such conditions impact our mood and cause our relationships, careers, and happiness to suffer. Also, developing personalized strategies and discussing specific steps with a qualified counselor can help both healthy and struggling people achieve further personal growth.

Using evidence-supported EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy, people can experience success in overcoming Anxiety, Panic, Traumatic events, PTSD, Addictions, and Depression. We also use this treatment modality with clients who are seeking Performance Enhancement as well as improve Public Speaking and other debilitating and long-standing anxieties and fears.

We hold additional training and experience in the following specialty areas:

  • Teaching dating and engaged couples proven tools to build confidence before taking their relationship to the next level
  • Helping married couples heal from relational wounds, employ new skills, and build a strong connection
  • Assisting young and adult men (12+) in navigating through life’s many challenges
  • Counseling individuals with substance use, sexual, and other addictions
  • Helping children, adolescents and adults with grief and loss
  • Giving parents and their children new tools to help build a happy home!

We regularly offers Couples Classes, Couples Workshops, Parenting Classes, Adolescent Grief Groups, Miscarriage Therapy Groups, Healing from Infidelity, Understanding Narcissism, Healthy Boundaries, Young Men’s Classes and Men’s Groups in the Denver and Lone Tree areas. We also help provide clients as well as group and class participants skills and insights so they may experience health and balance as an individual and have peace and feel connected in their romantic and family relationships.

We also take our classes, workshops and retreats on the road!

Contact us today at (303) 792-5686 or email for more information and to schedule an appointment.

NOTE: If you are experiencing intense distress and considering harming yourself, click Suicide Prevention or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). At this number, there is a free, confidential 24-hour hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Your call will be routed to the nearest crisis center to you.