Family Counseling for Families with Children and Teens

Viewing child and adolescent clients as a “family client,” Alex keeps the entire family in mind during individual sessions with young clients and when working with parents.

Alex uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Family System approaches as he helps improve family relationships and increase understanding of different family members’ struggles. As needed, an integration of behavioral approaches including written agreements with parents and children may be suggested.

He views all the working parts of the family system to help improve the multiple sub-system relationships (Dad and Mom, Dad and Teen, Mom and Teen, etc). The number of possible sub-system relationships exponentially increases with the addition of only one more child.

Skills and insights from Alex’s training as Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® facilitator are shared with parents to help them experience confidence and control in their vital roles as parents.

Alex also facilitates the Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go Families with Teens Workshop (grounded in EFT and) developed by Drs. Paul & Nancy Aikin.

Families with Adult Siblings

At times a new concern or ongoing issue can keep a family in tense disconnection. Alex also meets with adult members of families to work through conflict, stressors and issues with the goal to rebuild family relationships.

Contact Alex today at 720-316-7771 or email info@relationshipinstitute.org for more information and to schedule an appointment.

(Hold Me Tight® is a trademark registered to Sue Johnson.)