Teen Counseling and Classes

You are facing a lot! With so many areas of your life in constant change and fluctuation, sometimes getting a little guidance from a counselor who understands can be very helpful.

Struggles with stress, depression, anxiety, relationship distress, addictions, anger, impulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, spirituality, identity and life transitions can all become issues that affect our daily lives.

Talking to a counseling professional is vital when such conditions impact our mood and cause our peer and family relationships, school performance, and happiness to suffer. Also, developing personalized strategies and discussing specific steps with a qualified counselor can help both healthy and struggling teens achieve further personal growth.

Whether you choose a personalized counseling experience, a relationship class, or a combination of classes and counseling, you will be more equipped for these next years.

Find more information about the essential class on dating relationships below. You will be more confident about who you are and how to relate to others in dating situations.

REAL Essentials® Youth Relationship Class

Contact Alex today at 720-316-7771 or email info@relationshipinstitute.org for more information and to schedule an appointment.