Couple Therapy Intensives

Couple Therapy Intensives are available in Colorado! Our offices are in Lone Tree, a southeast suburb of Denver just two minutes from I-25 and C-470.

What is a couple therapy intensive?

An intensive is a longer therapy session and/or series of sessions that are focused, structured and designed to help couples heal hurts, build safety and strengthen their sense of intimacy at a quicker pace.

Who could benefit from an intensive?

Intensives are often best for people who need to focus on their relationship and stay in the flow. We build on our work in each hour and day of these sessions, and so a client’s learning is integrated and applied immediately. Traditional couple therapy meets for 50 minutes once a week. Some couples find that spending blocks of time to focus on their relationship can produce longer lasting results.

Couples inside and outside the Denver, Colorado, area can benefit from focusing on their relationship.

What to Expect

1 We will conduct a brief phone consultation to see if a couple therapy intensive is right for you and recommend the frequency and duration of our meetings.

2 We will begin to assess needs and draft a treatment plan focusing on specific areas that need immediate attention. An online assessment may be recommended.

3 We will formulate a plan with guidelines for the present transitional period and discuss and create  goals for the desired future relationship state.

We will discuss individual and couple strengths and stressors, relevant issues, what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

We will engage in a variety of treatment modalities including Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as we move from the present to the future and develop mutual satisfaction in the relationship.

6 We will assign homework that can help you pay attention to your connection in a positive, strengths-based manner.

7 We will be in touch for follow-ups after the initial therapy intensive to help maintain positive changes and strengthen additional areas.

When and how often can we meet?

Therapy intensives usually last three hours and can take place from one to five days a week. Special arrangements (including scheduling and session preparation) are made for these longer sessions, so advance notice is required.

How to make the best of this experience

Stepping into a couple therapy intensive is stepping out of the normal routines in life. Some local couples who have children find that staying in a hotel and making childcare arrangements help them stay focused on the new ways of relating that they begin co-creating in therapy. Couples both local and from out of the area can enjoy the wonderful dining scene and many activities that the greater Denver area has to offer. Taking a break from technology can also help.

How to get started

Contact Alex A. Avila at or by calling 720-316-7771. As the Director of the Relationship Institute of the Rockies, and your private couple therapist, he can schedule the initial phone consultation, answer any questions you may have, and begin securing appointment times as soon as possible. He also has a colleague in his office that can provide couple therapy intensives.