Couple Checkup™

What is the Couple Checkup™?

The personalized Couple Checkup™ report provides helpful, research-supported feedback for couples who are dating, engaged and married. This assessment is based on the PREPARE/ENRICH™ Couple Inventory that has helped over 3 million couples in the last 35 years!

The Couple Checkup assessment examines 11 core areas including:

  1. Communication
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Financial Management
  4. Leisure Activities
  5. Sex and Affection
  6. Relationship Roles
  7. Spiritual Beliefs
  8. Love and Marriage Expectations
  9. Children and Parenting
  10. Closeness and Flexibility
  11. Personality

Based on your answers, you may also receive scales such as Habits and Preferences, Parenting Expectations, Stepfamily Expectations, Cohabitation, Dating Issues, Aging Issues (if over 55). Military couples will receive additional customized scales based on their answers of deployment and military status.

Are you curious and ready to take a peek at your relationship?

Take the online assessment on your own. You will receive directly a 17-20 page PDF report showing the strengths and growth areas in your couple relationship!

Is there a next step?

Yes! If you want to learn some new skills to develop your specific growth areas, an optional class is available. Forwarding your report to Alex Avila will allow him to receive a group summary of the needs of all participants for the April 24-June 5 class. Then, he can customize the group experience to best help all couples who attend!

The Goals of the Class

It’s great to have data about our relationship, but attending the follow-up class will help you apply skills and insights to experience positive change in specific areas.

The class will help couples:

  • Identify relationship strength and growth areas
  • Improve communication
  • Learn a ten step model for conflict resolution
  • Explore and discuss shared spiritual beliefs
  • Develop a financial budget and goals
  • Balance closeness and flexibility in the relationship
  • Understand and accept personality differences
  • Develop a set of short-term and long-term goals

Thankfully, we are no longer left alone to simply figure out how to have a great relationship! Just like every couple, you can be closer by examining your relationship and taking a step to learn and grow alongside each other.

Ready to take the next step?

Visit to get started! You and your partner share the same account number and password. You will answer a few customization questions, then you will take the assessment. Take the assessment privately, allowing 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time when you are in a normal mood, sufficiently rested (and fed)!

Click Class Registration to see current dates and to register and pay for classes.

Email us if you do not see this class scheduled. Often we can schedule a class within a month or two if we have a few interested participants.


What Else Can I Do?

For couples, to read numerous ideas to help you build couple closeness, see the book 40 Forms of Intimacy: Integrating Daily Connection into Your Couple Relationship by Alex A. Avila.

For couples, attend the two-day Hold Me Tight™ Couple Workshop to go much deeper with your partner.

For parents, gain practical skills and insights and build confidence while remembering YOU are in charge by attending the Parenting the Love and Logic Way® class.

Learn calming and relaxation strategies to help deescalate conflict in the Beating Stress & Anxiety class.

Develop clear and effective communication with each other to enjoy deeper intimacy in your couple relationship in the Communication & Connection class.