Having facilitated the Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop over 25 times since 2011, Alex has been consistently passionate about helping couples grow in intimacy as they understand and relate to each other in a whole new way!

Couples who have experienced Alex’s Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop (developed by and trademark registered to Sue Johnson) have said:

“The EFT approach is easy to identify with. I would recommend it for anyone in a relationship of any kind. A workshop helps couples see they are not alone.”  – E.P.

“I was surprised and grateful to find that my partner and I could deepen our conversations and thus our relationship in this format. I highly recommend this.” – K.G.

“Even after almost 30 years of marriage, at this seminar my husband and I learned vital things about each other. In particular, ‘Hold Me Tight’ gave my husband the framework and vocabulary to express emotions and needs that he had not previously shared or even been aware of.”  – Participant

“I was happy about the wealth of information provided and how well the program flowed. I was given insight into my partner’s feelings, and I will now be able to better understand her while working toward peace and harmony in our relationship.”  – Ben

“I came into this program wondering if I was even going to stay in my relationship with Ben. I had lost hope. Now I am so inspired by our future together! I feel a relaxed confidence about “US” and I’m intrigued to find out more about the man I love.” – Shannon

“This program presented a fresh perspective or lens for approaching some of the most
difficult and sensitive issues in our lives. It was presented in a very transparent
and encouraging way.” – E.M. & B.S.

“This is an excellent program designed to help couples maintain and enhance the things that caused them to fall in love the first time.” – Participant

“This workshop gave us important steps to create our own relationship dance. Thank you!” – D.M.

“After struggling for years in our marriage and trying many strategies and therapists, this two-day workshop brought us a connection we haven’t had in a very long time or never. I am so hopeful about our future together.”  – M.G.

“Wonderful format. Safe environment. Great guidance and instruction to create and improve our relationship to form lasting connections both physically and emotionally. I would recommend to any couple no matter where you are in your relationship. We used this as premarital counseling, and it would complement any work towards preparation for marriage. Thank you Alex!” – Miaken

“The workshop is so helpful in building a stronger relationship. It gives me hope to know there is real practical help and tools for couples. Alex is a great facilitator, professional, and builds safety for couples to share their struggles.”  – Therapist Observer 

“This seminar and the book provided me with the knowledge that how I was feeling was justified and not that I was just ‘crazy.’ We were able to find the right descriptive words to be able to talk our way to our deeper emotions and hurts.”  – Participant

“Alex delivers the processes presented in Hold Me Tight in a very non-threatening manner. He has a very calm, well-paced demeanor that allows a person to feel comfortable in the process of analyzing oneself.” – J & B

“This program has really given me/us a sense of hope. I think it’s truly the beginning to our ‘happily ever after.’ Thank you Alex, from the bottom of our hearts.”  – A.S. & S.S.

“The exercises provided my husband and me with a framework to explore and get to the center of our core issues–the things that had wounded us and continued to do so. Seeing other couples explores themselves and seeing ourselves in their stories really helped us to recognize our own feelings and to not feel all alone. The practice sessions allowed us to slow down and become aware of how we were feeling in certain situations and then to share that with our partner and ask for what we need.”  – Barb

“This program showed us that even in our most painful and disconnected moments, there is a way for us to find a way forward, a way to come together again, and for love to flow again – that there is hope.”  – Marcus

“We as couples all have problems. Recognizing them and being willing to work on them in a controlled setting allows you to open up and be more vulnerable.”  – B

“I was able to talk to my wife about things that I was doing and we were able to deal with them and get a huge jump on getting back to where we were in the beginning of our relationship. We are on the road to having an amazing relationship again.” – M.D.

“This program provided a safe container to explore fears, needs, hopes, and dreams. Thank you for holding space for powerful, safe, sacred time to delve deep into healing, growth, and connection. This was a positive step forward in our marriage. Thank you!” – Participant

“This program helped my partner and I open our eyes and explore one another on a more emotional level which allowed a better understanding of the issues we face in our relationship. It showed us that our arguments went deeper than what we were fighting about.”  – Z & G

“The framework of this program along with Alex’s support and guidance allowed us to co-create a safe place and tools to overcome our biggest/hardest issue in our marriage. We feel so blessed to have had this come into our lives.” – M.P.

This class will improve your marriage, your family and your life! You can’t afford to wait any longer. You have nothing but your loneliness and pain to lose. Commit and get your life and marriage back on track.”  – B & D

“This workshop opened my eyes to ‘basic’ but ‘buried’ human needs and emotions. This course is excellent for couples about to get married or 40 years in!” – Rusty

“This program has shown me how to communicate and better understand her. It has also provided me with the tools to get out of the ‘rut’ we fall into.” – Participant

“This was the best program I have ever seen. Alex did a phenomenal job guiding us and teaching us.”  – M & A

“My fiance and I took the Hold Me Tight workshop as an alternative to pre-marital counseling through our church. We loved it! We had no idea what to expect but walk away with a greater understanding of ourselves as individuals, as a couple, and what our needs and sore points are.
We highly, highly recommend it!”  – K.S.

“Watching the couples [in the DVD] identify and then work through their feelings was really helpful. This will give us an example of what it looks like to slow down our conversations, go deeper, better understand our partners, and become better attached.”  – Participant

I gained “insight into how behaviors impact the relationship both positive and negative and the importance of a personal interface and listening closely with what your partner says.”  – Participant

“This couples program has a powerful impact on helping couples identify, fix, and maintain long-term emotional bonding.”  – Participant

“I liked the fact that this workshop provided me with tools to address situations which will arise in our marriage. One of the most important ones is to stop and take a breath before saying or doing anything.” – E.N.

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