Marriage Mentoring

Relationship Institute of the Rockies exists to help people thrive in their most important relationships. We believe the marriage relationship is designed to be joyful, loving and intimate. But it can also be very challenging. We want to help!

Dating, Engaged, & Newlywed Couples

Are you a newlywed couple, or are you getting engaged or married soon? The Marriage Mentoring Program could help you launch your most important relationship with increased hope and closeness!

Numerous research studies show that early marriage preparation can help couples enjoy a stronger, lasting marriage relationship.

Couples who get along well, and those who could use a boost, can both benefit from this wonderful program developed by Life Innovations, Inc, the creators of the research-based and evidence-supported PREPARE-ENRICH® Couple Assessment used by over 3 million couples!

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Mentor Couples

Relationship Institute of the Rockies is now interviewing mentor couples!

Who should apply?

Married couples who have a stable, solid (not perfect!) marriage relationship who are willing to meet regularly with a couple who will be engaged and married soon or has recently married.

Couples interested in becoming marriage mentors must share a passion to help new couples and be committed to providing regular guidance and encouragement. Additional qualifications and requirements will be discussed during the interview.

What is marriage mentoring?

Marriage mentors do not provide counseling or therapy. Training and supervision (from a licensed therapist) will be provided as well as a marriage mentor manual that fully outlines the expectations of the mentoring role.

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