Married Couples

Do you feel you need a little or a lot of help? Whether you are seeking enrichment or couple therapy, help is right here.

Sometimes it feels that the only remaining solution to deal with a conflicted romantic relationship is to call it quits. Unmet expectations, confused roles, continuous battles, destructive habits, addictions, and sexual and emotional affairs can all leave couples feeling that they married the wrong person or that their marriage relationship is hopeless.

However, a skilled and genuinely caring and compassionate counselor who advocates for healthy marriages can instill HOPE when circumstances appear hopeless.

Practical and useful tools exist to help couples enjoy each other like never before!  Using an appropriate balance of evidence-supported Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and research-based Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), Alex is invested in helping every couple achieve a positive outcome. Greater levels of relationship happiness, satisfaction, and intimacy are attainable and sustainable!


Visit the Hold Me Tight page to learn about attending a couple workshop to learn the research-supported ways to connect and build deeper intimacy!


If you are interested in couple counseling, please email Alex directly or visit for more information. You can get help soon!