Depression Counseling

“Am I Depressed?”

When feeling depressed, you may ask, “Do I need counseling?” Talking with a therapist can begin to boost your hope so the factors around you that contribute to your feeling depressed seem more manageable.

Depression Symptoms

Feeling depressed? The symptoms don’t always look the same, but many common factors exist. When you feel sad, lonely, moody, angry, irritable, sleepy and have noticed changes in your mood, appetite, sleep patterns, energy levels and outlook on life, you may have some symptoms of depression.

Relationships and work performance can also be negatively impacted by someone with depressive symptoms. Talking with a counselor can help you discover immediately if you fit the criteria for a Depressive Disorder or if you only have symptoms that can be alleviated.

Who Can I Contact?

You can reach out to one of these trained, compassionate depression counselors at our Lone Tree office, and learn right away how they can help!

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