Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Couples Group

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Couples Group

EFT is supported by research to be the most effective couple therapy model in existence! We are now applying this couples therapy model to be used in a group setting. Having facilitated Sue Johnson’s Hold Me Tight® Couple Program (based on EFT) 17 times over the past four years, Alex has recognized the need for some couples to go deeper. This group provides the concepts and support needed to allow couples to experience a deeper connection and feel understood meeting with a trained EFT couples therapist and just two other couples.

What will we do?

We will work through the “Emotionally Focused Therapy Workbook for Couples” by Veronica Kallos-Lilly and Jennifer Fitzgerald. Couples will have assigned weekly readings and complete exercises as a couple. We have generated questions to facilitate our group process for each session and strive to continue the thread of safety, openness, cycle-breaking, and building intimacy. Couples can buy one workbook to share.

Who should come?

This group could be a great fit for those who are already participating in EFT counseling as an individual or couple and need a boost. Some couples who cannot pay therapists’ full fee, couples who have attended a Hold Me Tight® Couple Workshop and need a refresher or desire to go deeper, and couples who seem stuck in a therapy process could all benefit from this safe and normalizing group process!

Each weekly group will be limited to three couples to preserve safety and facilitate deeper sharing. This group may not be appropriate for couples who are highly escalated.

When will the groups meet?

Presently we have an eight-week group scheduled Mondays beginning September 26, 6:00pm-7:30pm. (facilitated by Kim Johnson)


What will it cost?

One of the benefits of attending a group is the reduced cost. The rate for our 90-minute groups is $45/couple each session. Couples who register are committing to attend eight weeks. With only three to four couples, we strongly prefer weekly attendance to maintain a consistent group process. If you know that you will miss two or more sessions, please wait until the next group offering.



People House East

13693 E. Iliff Ave., Suite 112

Aurora, 80014

When Should We Register?

If you would like to attend this group, please register now! The group is only limited to 3 couples and may fill up fast. Alternatively, we may cancel the group if we do not have three couples registered by September 15.

How to Register:

Click Class Registration and find “EFT Couples Group MONDAYS.”

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What Else Can I Do?

For couples, to read numerous ideas to help you build couple closeness, see the book 40 Forms of Intimacy: Integrating Daily Connection into Your Couple Relationship by Alex A. Avila.

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