Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go – Parent & Teen Workshop

Are you and your teen lacking understanding and connection? Are you having the same old fights, knowing there is a deeper longing that is being missed? Do you need help bridging the gap so you can push past stuck areas and create an effective, lasting sense of connection?

NOW you can!

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) was designed by Dr. Sue Johnson (therapist, researcher and passionate relationship educator) and has been shown by multiple research studies to be the most effective couple therapy model in existence. As EFT therapists and counselor trainers, Dr. Johnson and Paul and Nancy Aikin have developed the Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go Relationship Program for Families with Teens!

This workshop and program is based on the bestselling Hold Me Tight® book and relationship program taught all over the world!

This NEW and exciting program is based on decades of research that reveals how our core desire to attach with others is a legitimate, lifelong need. Now adapted for families with teens, this educational experience (grounded in solid EFT principles) can transform how parents and teens understand each other and can develop a stronger, deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Bridging generational gaps, this powerful therapeutic model positions families to create a deeper understanding of how they get stuck. This workshop also provides a clear framework to help both parents and teens feel heard, safe and connected.


If you don’t see active class dates on the class Registration page, please contact Alex to learn dates and locations of the next scheduled workshop. Or, ask us to bring this workshop TO YOU!

Download and share the Flyer (PDF)

Make your family relationships a priority this year! This powerful insight can provide you with just the confidence, hope and connection that you have been longing for!

READ MORE about the HOLD ME TIGHT® COUPLE WORKSHOP material that informs the Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go workshop!

You may choose to first attend this two-day workshop as a couple and then attend with your teens at a later date.

Contact Alex to bring this transformational couples workshop to your church, home, workplace or other group and location in Colorado, all over the United States and all over the world!

(Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.)