Beating Stress & Anxiety

We all suffer from some degree of stress and anxiety. For many of us, nobody took us aside to teach us how to prevent and manage feeling overwhelmed. Our body, mind and emotions work together to cue us of oncoming overwhelm. The great news is that we can learn to train this integrated system and put it to work for us!

This Beating Stress & Anxiety class will help participants:

  • Discover and manage physiological responses to stress and anxiety
  • Assess stressors using a stress scale tool and regulate them
  • Identify when and how to take a break as pressure escalates
  • Become aware of how individual stress and anxiety impacts and is intensified by relationships
  • Learn several relaxation techniques!

Who should attend?

This class is appropriate for individuals and couples ages 12-99 (minors must be accompanied by parent). Need not presently be experiencing intense stress or anxiety to benefit. People who are seeking to identify, manage and mitigate stress and anxiety to assist in preventing feelings of overwhelm and panic and would like to add to their life management insight and skills toolbox should attend.

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Email us if you are interested in this class. Often we can schedule a class within a month or two if we have a few interested participants.


What Else Can I Do?

Attend the Healthy Boundaries class to improve life management, increase guilt-less confidence in saying no, and build peace with self.