Men’s Marriage Bootcamp

Getting serious in your relationship? Planning to get engaged or married soon?

Clear communication is vital for enjoying deep intimacy in a marriage relationship! When you and your partner are communicating well, you feel connected, you are both happy, and many of your core needs are mutually being met. You both feel heard, understood, valued, and satisfied in you relationship. Could your most important relationship benefit from a focused look and application of essential communication skills?

This class is designed for men whose romantic relationship is getting serious and advancing to either engagement or marriage. Practical skills and insights that help men better understand and enjoy their partner will be taught by an experienced couples therapist.

Men who attend this class will learn how to communicate and resolve conflict effectively, assess their own and their partner’s mood and needs, and move toward a deeper connection when they feel stuck.

Additional areas include discussion and strategies for stress management, life and health balance, and moving out of negative cycles in their relationships with their romantic partners, co-workers, family members, and others.

This Men’s Marriage Bootcamp class will help you:

  • Gain deeper understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Identify the power of tone and nonverbal communication in interpersonal relationships
  • Get unstuck from negative cycles and prevent “shut-down”
  • Develop a map to begin understanding the clues of your partner’s deeper emotions
  • Enjoy deeper, lasting intimacy in your most important relationship!

Who should attend?

This class is appropriate for men ages 18-99. The only requirement is a desire to grow and experience closeness with your partner and learn research-based strategies and skills to understand her better. Participants will learn how to develop a more satisfying relationship with their partner and better understand and build connected relationships with others.

Participation in this class can help men feel more confident when approaching life and navigating the complexity of romantic relationships. Remember to also attend a couples class (listed below) to get the most out of your upcoming marriage relationship!


Alex A. Avila, MA, LPC, CSAT, CAC, NCC, CBCP is a Licensed Professional Counselor and author of 40 Forms of Intimacy: Integrating Daily Connection Into Your Couple Relationship. As the Founder and Director of Relationship Institute of the Rockies, Alex is passionate about helping equip men, women, teens and couples to communicate and connect better so they may build stronger, more satisfying relationships.

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If you do not see an active class listed, please call (303) 792-5686 or email us. Often we can schedule a class within a month or two if we have a few interested participants.


What Else Can I Do?

For couples, attend the two-day Hold Me Tight™ Couple Workshop to go much deeper with your partner.

For couples getting engaged and married, attend the PREPARE-ENRICH Group Program.

To read numerous ideas to help you build couple closeness, see the book 40 Forms of Intimacy: Integrating Daily Connection into Your Couple Relationship by Alex A. Avila.

Attend the Healthy Boundaries class to improve life management, increase guilt-less confidence in saying no, build peace with self, and enjoy your interpersonal relationships.

Learn insight and relaxation techniques to move through difficult times with confidence in the Beating Stress & Anxiety class.

Gain insight into personal freedom and relational repair by attending the Understanding Forgiveness & Building Trust class.