Speaking Confidently & Assertively

Would you like to speak up more often in situations? Do you usually remain quiet in order to keep the peace? Do you ever feel that people walk all over you or take advantage of you? Do you wish you could say what you feel?

Through our interactions with others, our sense and belief of self is also impacted and reinforced everyday. Whether verbally or nonverbally, we say a lot to other people every day. And we can always get better at it.

Most of our daily interactions significantly impact our perceived sense of self and our perceived connection to others. How we experience our world is impacted by our sense of feeling close to people through a variety of thoughts, feelings, actions and activities. So, speaking our unique thoughts and sharing our heart, ideas and feelings is essential for enjoying a peaceful life.

This Speaking Confidently & Assertively class will help participants:

  • Assess the benefits of speaking up versus staying quiet in multiple situations
  • Identify the differences between passive, assertive, and aggressive communication styles
  • Build greater self-esteem and confidence in yourself
  • Gain deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • Feel more comfortable interacting with and meeting new people
  • Learn how to become boldly respectful and respectfully bold
  • Enjoy deeper, more meaningful relationships!

Who should attend?

This class is appropriate for individuals and couples ages 16-99 who wish to develop their communication skills and strengthen their relationships at home, in the workplace, and with family and friends. Participants will learn and practice how to understand and engage in clear, assertive communication to help improve their interpersonal and professional relationships.


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