Men’s Sex Addiction Recovery Group in Lone Tree

“Do I Have A Sex Addiction? Is Sex Addiction Real?”

How do we know if we have a sex addiction? We need help when our sexual expression becomes a problem for our health, finances, focus, career, and relationships. Whether our sexual behaviors include pornography, masturbation or affairs, men can learn about themselves and their behaviors to begin a more self-controlled, satisfying life. (Take the FREE anonymous online assessment! Information below.)

Addiction Symptoms

The criteria for a sexual addiction is quite similar to that of substance and other non-substance addictions. Some indicators of an addiction include when we:

  • Experience a loss of control
  • Engage in compulsive behavior
  • Fail in our repeated attempts to stop
  • Spend and lose significant amounts of time
  • Become obsessed or preoccupied
  • Experience interference with responsibilities at home, work, school
  • Create and exacerbate problems in relationships with family, friends and others
  • Escalate in our behaviors and become more intense, more frequent, or more risky (building tolerance)
  • Experience loss and limiting or sacrificing valued parts of life
  • Feeling considerable distress, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, or physical discomfort when not having it (withdrawing)
  • Continue  in the behavior despite social, legal, financial, physical and other consequences.

Sex Addiction IS Real!

Still Not Sure? 

Take five minutes to take the FREE Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST). You will receive instant results and recommendations for your next steps. You can save the PDF if you would like to share it with your therapist, or you can simply share the highlights or your final score (number).

When we experience loss of control, begin hiding or minimizing our behavioral habits to obtain a sexual high or feel irritability and anxiety when we cannot have “the thing,” we are exhibiting addictive symptoms. The pursuit may seem innocent in the beginning, but through building tolerance we are changing our brain structure that needs more and more.

“Does a Sex Addiction Group Help?”

Yes! Talking with a professional counselor trained and passionate about helping men break free from sexual addiction can help you identify the root(s) and the destructive cycle of an addiction. Hearing from other men who struggle with similar issues helps us feel validated that we are not alone. And the numerous practical Tasks and exercises in the workbooks give us a solid, effective framework that boosts our growth and gives us hope!

Alex, the group facilitator, has completed intensive training to become a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist through the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals. He recognized the need to help individuals, couples and families heal from and prevent the long-term devastation that results from out-of-control sexual behaviors and relationship betrayal.

DON’T ALLOW the growing problems of sexual compulsivity, inability to stop viewing pornography and partner betrayal be a part of the rest of your story.

Feeling like you have control over your life again can be the greatest freedom! Don’t wait another week just to be stuck in the same destructive cycle.

“Facing the Shadow” 12-Week Men’s Sexual Addiction Recovery Group

Join a few other men to work through the very helpful, detailed and evidence-supported workbook “Facing the Shadow” (3rd Ed.) by Dr. Patrick Carnes, a prominent expert who developed ground-breaking recovery programs in the field of sex addiction. Much more than a support group, this therapy group is led by a master’s level licensed counselor who is also a couple therapist and trained sexual addiction therapist. The process and workbook include structured exercises (Tasks 1-7) that can be put into practice immediately to help participants regain control of their lives and begin enjoying their work and relationships.

Before the First Group Meeting

Please purchase the “Facing the Shadow” (3rd Edition) workbook by Dr. Patrick Carnes prior to our first group session. This workbook is available on

You will also need to email Alex to schedule a 50-minute individual session to meet him (the group facilitator), learn about the group’s content and process, discuss your strengths and struggles and receive personal feedback and recommendations for your recovery plan. The total one-time cost for the individual interview and feedback session is $140.

What Happens After the 12-Week Group?

Once completing the first group, additional support will be needed to stay on track and continue to strengthen all aspects of our being. Men choosing to continue their journey toward health and self-understanding can renew for another 12-week group as we dive deeper into content beyond Facing the Shadow and review and support the Tasks and Performables in the workbook.

Subsequent groups will be available immediately following the Facing the Shadow group to continue to strengthen men’s integrity, relationships, health and balance. We’re serious about getting health in ALL areas of our lives!

So, after the group is ready to move from Facing the Shadow workbook, we will then continue the process using two additional workbooks: Recovery Zone: Volume 1 and Recovery Zone: Volume 2. These workbooks address Tasks 8-13 and Tasks 14-19 and will act as our guidebook. There is enough material for us to learn, apply and process that can allow us to stay connected and grow for up to two years! Participants highly appreciate the structured tasks and framework that the workbooks and group process provides.

Men who wish to continue in a fourth group that focuses on relationships, commitment, family, children and intimacy (Tasks 20-30) will find the soon-to-be-released workbook Family Zone: Creating Family Recovery to be very helpful! Men can attend the group by the same name tentatively scheduled for 2018!

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**Don’t wait. Our groups close after six men have joined.**

Who Will Facilitate the Group?

Alex A. Avila, MA, LPC, ACS, CSAT, NCC, CACI, CBCP, is a trauma-trained individual and couple therapist, sex therapist and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist who holds advance training and special insight into how the behavior of a sexually addicted person or one who had an affair impacts the betrayed partner and what each partner needs at every stage of their healing process.

Alex wrote the book 40 Forms of Intimacy® to help men and women understand and enjoy 39 other ways of connecting that do not include sex, he has presented to other CSAT professionals at the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals Symposium on the topic: “Engaging the 40 Forms of Intimacy®  When Sex is Off the Table.”

If you are wondering how people experience him, read over 60 testimonials from men and women who have attended his couple workshops.

Who Can I Contact to Answer My Questions?

Reach out for a phone consultation or email Alex today to learn right away how you can get help!

Alex A. Avila: 720-316-7771

Main Office: 303-792-5686, Ext. 1 (message)