You care deeply about your child. You want what’s best for them. Sometimes they get off track and need some help. We are here to help! And we are always open to hearing about classes that parents would like to attend or have their children attend.

Presently we have classes that can help you relate to your child better and rebuild a great relationship. And we have classes that can give them the skills and insight they need to enjoy life and their relationships.

We offer a free 60-minute introduction class to both the Parenting the Love & Logic Way® and the REAL Essentials® Youth Relationship Class.

From the parenting class, you will walk away with some techniques to try right away.

From the introductory teen class, you will learn about all the great and necessary things we will cover when your teen attends the full-day class. This is the stuff we didn’t get in high school!

Email Alex or call (303) 792-5686 to learn more!