Healing from Sexual Betrayal Group for Women in Lone Tree

Learning that your boyfriend or husband has been unfaithful can feel devastating!

Whether he has persistently viewed pornography, engaged in cybersex, cheated by participating in a one-time or ongoing affair, the traumatic impact on your mind, body and heart can be devastating! The news feels overwhelming, your life is disrupted, and you may have trouble managing parts of your life as you are left to pick up the pieces. And trust and forgiveness are far-off concepts. Whether you decide to continue the relationship or not, participating in a safe, supportive community while learning insights and skills to move through the traumatic effects is vital for your well-being.

Symptoms of Betrayal

The criteria for a relationship or sexual betrayal are quite similar to those of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) even if the psychological diagnosis does not fully fit. Some common responses of learning about and reacting to a betrayal include:

  • Severe anxiety
  • Flashbacks
  • Mistrust
  • Insomina
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Guilt
  • Loneliness
  • Unwanted thoughts
  • Detachment
  • Avoiding
  • Heightened emotions

Does Your Partner Have a Problem? Tell him to take this brief assessment.

It only takes five minutes for your partner or spouse to take the anonymous and FREE Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST). He will receive instant results and recommendations for his next steps. He will need help from a trained therapist. We know other therapists in the area who can provide help using the same framework for healing and (with a signed Release of Information) can communicate with them to coordinate care.

Does a Therapy Group Help?

Yes! Talking with a professional counselor who is trained and passionate about helping women process and endure the thoughts, feelings and symptoms of betrayal can be tremendously helpful. Meeting regularly in a supportive group with a few other women who share similar struggles will hep you feel validated and reminds you that you are not alone. Along with engaging the practical Tasks in the “Facing Heartbreak” workbook, the support and guidance in this group can boost personal growth and give you hope!

Feeling like you have control over your life again can be the greatest freedom! Don’t wait another week just to be stuck in the same painful, isolating and confusing cycle.

“Facing Heartbreak” 12-Session Women’s Sexual Betrayal Recovery Group 

Join a few other women to work through the very helpful, detailed and evidence-supported workbook “Facing Heartbreak” by Dr. Stefanie Carnes, a passionate expert in sex addiction and partner recovery. Much more than a support group, this therapy group is led by a master’s level licensed counselor who is also a couple therapist, trauma-trained, and certified sexual addiction therapist. Participants often feel very supported in a group of other women who are experiencing a very similar reaction.

The process and workbook include structured exercises that can be put into practice immediately to help participants regain focus, make sense of their relational trauma and step into a healthy balance of self-care and social support.

Before the First Weekly Group Meeting

Contact Alex for a one-time individual session to learn about the group, to determine if participating in a group and/or individual counseling with Alex or another trauma-sensitive, betrayal-trained therapist would be helpful.

Please purchase the “Facing Heartbreak” workbook (by Dr. Stefanie Carnes, Mari Lee, and Anthony Rodriquez) prior to our first group session. This workbook is available on Amazon.com.

What Happens After the 12-Session Group?

Once completing the initial 12 sessions, additional support will be needed to stay on track and continue to strengthen all aspects of our being. Many groups continue meeting for several weeks or months for the continuity of this specific supportive community that is safe, understanding and knows your story.

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Who Will be Facilitating This Group?

Alex is a trauma-trained couple therapist, sex therapist and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist who holds advance training and special insight into how the behavior of a sexually addicted person or one who had an affair impacts the betrayed partner and what she needs at every stage of her healing process.

NOTE: This is facilitated by a MALE counselor. Alex knows about and is sensitive to the devastating impact of betrayal, he knows that intimacy is more than sex (in fact, he wrote the book 40 Forms of Intimacy® to help men and women understand and enjoy 39 other ways of connecting that do not include sex), he has presented to other CSAT professionals at the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals Symposium on the topic: “Engaging the 40 Forms of Intimacy®  When Sex is Off the Table.”

If you have any hesitations about meeting with a male counselor for this type of group, meet with him! And, read over 60 testimonials from men and women who have attended his couple workshops.

Who Can I Contact to Answer My Questions?

Reach out to the group facilitator, Alex A. Avila, or email Alex today to learn right away how you can get help!

Alex A. Avila: 720-316-7771

Main Office: 303-792-5686